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You found the about page, congrats!

What do you even want to know about? What are you, a creep?! Oh, okay. Cool yeah I love creeps, welcome!

I'm an artist from Houston TX, who recently migrated to Los Angeles to chase my childhood dreams of being a broke adult who draws goblins and wizards all day! I grew up on cartoons, skateboarding, and more fart jokes than you could imagine and I pull inspiration from all of these things for the work I create.

I quit my last job at a screenprinting shop in 2016 and have been somehow making ends meet since then, all thanks to awesome people like you supporting the cause! Am I allowed to call what I do "the cause"? I have no idea.

Anyway, I hope to continue making cool things for likeminded weirdos for as long as I can, you can shoot me an email or DM on instagram if you have any other specific questions.

Thank you for supporting your local wizard!